"I feel so fortunate to be able to have accessed this product! I was grateful to have someone as well-versed as Warren guiding me through a process that has felt very foreign to me. I feel more confident and empowered to start closing sales in a way that feels both ethical and professional."        - Ginger Sorensen

Here Are 4 Steps to Increasing Conversions and Overcoming Buyer Resistance…Even If You're Not A Natural Salesperson 

The Sales Accelerator Formula is YOUR shortcut to getting prospects - even the reluctant ones - to say yes faster and more often, without spending money and months on expensive sales training. 

Are you exasperated that

  • your sales are anemic or just plain disappointing
  • you can't figure out how to improve sales performance in your business
  • qualified prospects keep slipping away
  • ​you find it ridiculously hard to hold your sales people accountable?

If any of this rings true, you are going to LOVE The Sales Accelerator Formula

"Our business was doing around $35M in sales and we had a crazy goal (and one we were afraid of) to grow that to $70M. Long story short, with Warren’s coaching we hit that number.  
His advice, leadership, mentorship, humour, authenticity and ability to understand my challenges helped me immeasurably" - Deb Niven

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Sales can be frustrating, right?  You know what you offer has value.  You know your prospects will benefit from it. But they keep slipping away, making you wonder if you'll ever be able to grow your business the way you know it deserves to.

Look, I get it.  We've all been there.

The reality is, you're not alone. If you're like most business owners, you probably went into business because of a personal passion, because you had a particular skill or knowledge set or because you were forced into it by circumstances. But I'm guessing it wasn't after pursuing a prolonged study of business and sales skills. That means you're inevitably leaving money on the table. 

Not Many Know This, But I Used To Suck At Sales...

When I started coaching, I had a very hard time with sales.  I felt I was creating strong emotional connections with people, but not many were making the decision to buy.  I started to fear that, despite the rest of the business knowledge I had to share, my career as a coach was going to stall out.

The organization I was part of sent out a professional sales coach to observe my sales techniques.  Absurdly, he reported back to head office that I was the organization's best salesperson in the country.  
The feedback from the coach disappointed me.  It made no sense.  I wasn't landing sales, so by definition, I was terrible!
So, I got mad.  I started digging in and evaluating.  I studied the formula that forms the foundation of this program.  I realized that I was solid in 2 parts of the formula.  That's what fooled the so-called sales coach. The fact is, I was very weak in the other 2.  

I refined my approach accordingly.  Soon, my conversion rate rocketed to about 80% and I became the top revenue generating business coach in Canada for 6 years with the world's largest  business coaching organization.  My clients have enjoyed 8 figure exits, high performance cultures, international expansion and dramatically reduced hours.  I wouldn't have been able to help them achieve all of that without learning how to sell professionally and ethically.

What you will learn in The Sales Accelerator Formula is the exact formula I used to turn around my own business and career.  Don't miss out.  

Imagine what it would be like to...

  • Dramatically shorten your path to win the hearts and wallets of your ideal clients
  • Feel increased confidence as you witness your sales staff (or yourself) close more deals
  • Be amazed at how much information prospects share with you, allowing you to show them how you can help 
  • Multiply your conversion rate
  • ​Gain clarity on the right kinds of prospects to specifically target
  • ​Acquire the ability to diagnose sales calls that don’t close so you can improve 
  • ​Make more money.

        All of this is not only POSSIBLE, it's right at your fingertips...


Your simple 4 stage process to achieving more sales, in less time with greater control

What’s Included...

You'll get immediate access to  6 videos that explore the buyer's journey and the steps you will take to guide them through that journey and overcome their natural and instinctive resistance.  You'll also enjoy two bonuses that will help make the Formula easy to apply

MODULE ONE: To buy is to change
In this introductory session, we'll discuss how buying is an exercise in change that carries with it instinctive resistance.   We'll look at the origins of the Sales Accelerator Formula and the importance of applying its techniques ethically and professionally
The origins of the Formula
• An ethical definition of sales
• Your responsibility in the use of The Formula

MODULEs TWO to five: The deep dives
In each of these videos, we do deep and detailed dives into each of the elements of the formula.  You'll learn specific action steps to help you improve your ability to diagnose and meet the needs of your prospect. 
• The different kinds of pain  & The "Pain Chain"
• The different kinds of objectives prospects have
• When to move from emotion to logic
• The last psychological step that all buyers go through and most sales people miss
• To start scripting your sales questions
• And more
MODULE six: The formula in action
Now that you've learned how to plan your sales calls and how to guide your buyer professionally and ethically through a process that makes them feel safe and helped, you will now learn how to use the Formula to diagnose your sales calls and sales performance.  This will allow you to better meet the needs of your prospects and continue to improve your ability to generate more revenue.
• How to use the Formula to perform post-sales diagnosis
• How to improve the accountability of your other sales people
• How to use the bonus checklist to achieve this.  



The Sales Accelerator Formula Workbook

As you go through the training, you'll need to think about your customers, their needs, their pains as well as your product or service and how you support it.

The workbook is constructed to simply and clearly organize your thoughts and conclusions.  It also includes space for free thinking and developing your sales scripts


You don't just watch 6 videos and suddenly transform into a superstar salesperson.  You know that right?  You must apply what you learn. 

The 2 bonuses in this program help you do the deep thinking about your prospects and how you can guide them.  And they help you diagnose and assess your own performance.  

This, my friend, is how you grow!


The Sales Accelerator Formula Checklist

Excellence in sales is an ongoing process.  You will want to continue to improve your own skills as well as the performance of any sales folks you have or may have in the future. 

The Checklist is a simple and clear tool that allows you to diagnose each sales call and determine how well the Formula was applied.  It's excellent for growth and for accountability.

Isn't it time to start serving more people by generating more sales, in less time with greater control?  

You Can Choose To Pursue Intensive Sales Training, But That Will...

Take a Lot of Time...

Cost a Lot of Money...

Create a Lot of Frustration

Instead You Can Just Apply
 The Sales Accelerator Formula

Your key to Increasing Conversions and Overcoming Buyer Resistance…Even If You're Not A Natural Salesperson

Sales Accelerator Formula Training  
 (Value $297)

Post Sales Call Diagnostic Training
(Value $97)

Sales Accelerator Formula Workbook 
(Value $27)

Post Sales Call Diagnostic Checklist 
 (Value $17)


TOTAL VALUE = ($438)

Today's Price = $27

"What I loved most is that his formula is ethical, which is so important - no slimy sales tactics."
"If you have ever felt frustrated by the response "I'll think about it", look no further. Warren has the formula you've been looking for to increase your sales. What motivates some to buy and others to wait has layers and Warren breaks down all the common objections. What I loved most is that his formula is ethical, which is so important - no slimy sales tactics. You need this on your side if you are in sales!"  
Gena Wozimirsky


In the past, Warren has only shared this information with his one to one clients who pay him $21,000-$30,000.  However, post-COVID, Warren knows how critical this information is to help entrepreneurs succeed.
For a limited time, he's making this information available for the insanely low price of only $27.  Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your sales - and therefore your business - to a new level!


Your "No Worries, No Risk Guarantee" 
You have nothing to lose with this tiny one-time low investment.
I'm offering you a 100% no questions asked 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.   If after the first 30 days you don't feel as though The Sales Accelerator Formula program has provided a least $27 in value to you...I will refund you 100% every single penny back to you AND you can keep the bonuses. 

What Others Say About Working With Warren...

Our business was doing around 35M in sales and we had a crazy goal (and one we were afraid of) to grow that to 70M.  Long story,short, with Warren’s coaching we hit that number.  
His advice, leadership, mentorship, humour, authenticity and ability to understand my challenges helped me immeasurably in growing from my then Co-Vice President Status to Co-President and Majority Shareholder to Co- CEO and Full Ownership of our business today.  Warren’s leadership has not only been a huge “wind-beneath-my-wings” but he has managed to take my naysayer partner and transform him into the guy who says…”Let’s book a session with Warren, we need to do some growing and make some changes to our business”!   

Deb Niven, The Wynford Group

Within the first 15 minutes of meeting Warren, he gave my business partner and me more advice and insights into our young company than any management book I'd ever read. Hiring him was an easy decision. The advice and guidance from Warren  as my business coach continues to deliver enormous value - and often makes its way into the advice I provide my own management team and direct reports. I recommend Warren to anyone looking to grow their business.

Patrick Dean, Tribal Communications

When I first met Warren, I had other professional advisors urging me to pursue one course of action. By asking some intelligent questions and doing some fast but powerful financial analysis, Warren quickly demonstrated the incredible lost opportunity, in the range of millions of dollars, that course would have cost me. By making that smart decision, we’re now generating more than $25,000/day in sales we otherwise would not have had.

Since then, he has introduced discipline into our planning and he has helped our team become fully engaged and motivated around a set of inspiring values.   In short, he's a genius

Danny Lee, Jumbleberry.


Is the content available immediately?  

Yes!  Once you register, you'll receive immediate access to the course through a link in an email you'll receive, giving you password access.  (You'll be required to change the password to one of your own upon entering.  Instant access for the win!!

I'm not great with technology.  Is it easy to use?  

Super easy.  If you can press play and pause on a youtube video, you can access this material.  The pdf documents are simple downloads that you can print off to use.  

How long until I see results?

Every business has it's own sales cycle, of course.  However, you should start to see improvements after just a few sales calls once you use the formula to prepare for those calls. And once you begin using the post-call checklist to evaluate and adjust your approach, you should see improved performance after just a few more calls.  (Of course, there are a whole host of other factors that can affect sales results, including competition, quality of your product/service, economic conditions and more.  But your own personal performance and that of your sales team should improve fairly quickly.)

Join The Sales Accelerator Formula Program.  

I know I've said it before.  But this will become your key to Increasing Conversions and Overcoming Buyer Resistance…Even If You're Not A Natural Salesperson
Sales Accelerator Formula Training   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $297)
Post Sales Call Diagnostic Training. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $97)
Sales Accelerator Formula Workbook . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $27)
Post Sales Call Diagnostic Checklist . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $17)
CONFIDENCE IN SALES. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Priceless

Sales Accelerator Formula Training 
(Value $297)

Post Sales Call Diagnostic Training
 (Value $97)

Sales Accelerator Formula Workbook 
 (Value $27)

Post Sales Call Diagnostic Checklist 
(Value $17)


TOTAL VALUE = ($438)

Today's Price = $27

DISCLAIMER: While these techniques and our trainings can make you successful without having existing experience, this is not an employment opportunity. It is NOT a way to create wealth without work. With Sales Accelerator Formula, this opportunity is implementation of information. We are only sharing what has worked for us and our clients. Your results are entirely dependent on your attitude, work ethic, and the quality of your business. If you are NOT interested in doing whatever it takes, PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP. 

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